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So what is the Plan of Action???

In September, tell us how many members you have in your organization so that we may send you the brochures.

By return mail, you will receive the sales kit containing:

one color brochure per member
price list with suggested retail prices
order blank
suggestions for setting up your sale
sample sales record to copy for each salesperson

Second week of October, meet and decide upon your retail prices and have each member fill them in on their brochure. There is nothing to prevent you from charging 30 to 50 cents more per item to cover freight charges. Divide up the town into sale areas and assign salesmen. Some groups work in pairs. Donít forget commercial areas, schools, churches and hospitals. They decorate too!! They will buy larger, more expensive items.

End of October: conduct your canvass. Do have a cut-off date. Don't let it drag. Generate enthusiasm!

November 1 - 10th: compile your order and get it to us as soon as possible. You can mail, fax, call or submit your order online. If you want delivery before Thanksgiving order November 1- 5th. After Thanksgiving deliveries can order Nov 5th - 10th or later if necessary. Specify transportation preference if any and delivery date. Order only what has actually been sold.


Sit back and relax!

Your statement will be mailed to you the day your order leaves Bemidji. Most deliveries leave by commercial truck lines or UPS. If you are close and want to pick up your order, specify pick up date. If using UPS, costs are prepaid by Minnesota Woods Products and this amount will appear on your statement to be included on your billing. Decorations will come boxed with contents clearly marked on the outside.

Deliver your orders and collect from your customers at that time. Did you note?

No deposit, no minimum order, no leftovers, order only what you have sold! Remit by December 31 and earn a 2% discount to help swell that treasury!

It is that easy!  Contact us to get started today!

View the products (wreaths, sprays, garlands, centerpieces) that we offer.